Field Trip!

I was reading Anna Maria Horner‘s blog the other day, drooling over her upcoming Chocolate Lollipop line. Anyway, it somehow led to me looking for fabric sources and I ended up at the web site of a local quilting store.

I’ve known about this place for years. I used to drive past its previous location twice a day — on my way to and from work — and last year I cursed it for buying the building of the best comic store I’ve ever shopped. And yet it never crossed my mind to actually, you know, go there and shop for fabric. I guess part of it was the image I had of quilt shops (musty, dusty, full of old ladies and old lady fabrics). I stand corrected!

Were I not accompanied by the 2-year-old, I would have spent much longer in there. Like, the whole day. As it is, I spent about 30 minutes picking out two fabrics (and realized around minute 25 that I’d left at home the fabric I needed to match for another project). I’m looking forward to my return trip this weekend, although I’ll need to practice some restraint. OK, a lot of restraint! ha ha ha ha!

My big challenge remains finding the time to sew. Heck, I don’t even have time to clean my house. I’m determined to carve out some one-on-one time with my stash and machines this weekend, though.  I’m especially eager to work with some gorgeous Euro fabric I bought from Fabric Hound. There’s an outfit in a back issue of Ottobre that I think suits it perfectly.