I had no intention of doing handwork. Heck, I had no intention of ever quilting but you can see where that’s led.

Handwork, though. That’s another animal entirely. It’s slow. It seems crazily meticulous. It’s slow. These are not things most would associate with me. And yet …

It’s a little different for me, working in a quilt shop. Being immersed in a world of fabric and sewing and quilting and a variety of techniques that lead to these beautiful things. It’s hard not to be surrounded by all of this and not think, “Maybe. Maybe I can do this.”

I took a class, with the delightful Jen Kingwell, and did my first hand-sewn quilt block (or at least part of a block). I’ve begun collecting things. Books. Patterns. Tools.


“La Paz,” as many fans of the cover quilt refer to it, is what started my descent into English Paper Piecing madness. I’ve seen so many beautiful rosettes on social media and fell in love. Doesn’t matter that I’d never paper pieced before. It’s around 2,600 pieces, some of them about the size of a dime. Go big or go home, right?

the new hexagon


I’m endlessly amazed at how this book can make one shape — a hexagon — look so incredibly different. We’re doing the Glorious Hexagons variation as a block-of-the-month club at the shop this year and it’s taking all I have to not join.

all points patchwork

I’m so glad I added this book to my personal library. It’s not a project book, which might dissuade some folks from buying it. But the techniques and foundations of EPP within its pages are just what I needed. It’s a great resource and I find myself referring to it again and again.


One of the things I’m loving about EPP is its portability. I can baste pieces any time I have a few minutes to just sit. So much better than staring at my phone! The Sew It Goes Tote is perfect for taking projects on the road. Kristin designed something that’s as functional as it is beautiful. Pretty sure I’ll be making a few of these as gifts for Christmas this year!

I’ve surprised myself with the enjoyment of it. I’m certainly not going to forego machine sewing but the handwork is nice for those times when I can’t or don’t want to be in front of my sewing machine.