One Word

Last year, I chose a word for the year: evolve. I used it throughout the year to remind myself to be more, try new things, stretch myself.

In many ways, I think I did. I took part in a handful of online mini quilt swaps, took some classes and learned new skills (free motion and hand quilting, English paper piecing and hand piecing). I used tools I have in new ways. And I initiated a couple of business related things that may turn out to be really awesome things in 2016 and beyond.

I have spent some time reflecting on 2015 and evaluating what I need to do to go even further in the new year and the years to come. What do I want? How do I make it happen? And one single word kept sneaking into the picture.


Like many others, I struggle with ” imposter syndrome.” I question my skills, my talent, my ideas. I spend an inordinate amount of time talking myself out of following through because I doubt myself.

In 2016, I believe that I can do what I dream. I believe that I can contribute and make a difference. I believe that my work and my ideas are worth sharing. I believe that happiness is contagious. I believe that I can inspire and encourage others to accomplish their goals.

It’s happening this year. Believe me.






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