Special Delivery from UPS

It has been a crazy week at work for me because we’re on deadline and had two magazines going out the door. On top of that, there was a rising-freshman parents meeting at the high school and I had a Junior League meeting last night. All together, it means I’ve had very little crafting time this week.

I guess that’s why I was extra excited to get home from work this afternoon and find the big brown Amazon.com box. Inside were three new-to-me books: Sewing 101, Amy Butler’s In Stitches and Simple Sewing with a French Twist. I haven’t had much time — OK, any time — to really look at them but I can tell from just a quick flip through that there are quite a few projects to add to me gargantuan to-do list.

In other news … I sold my first sewing work today. It really was inadvertent. I made my daughter a twirl skirt at Christmas and a friend asked if I’d make one for her daughter (who’s about the same size). I told her I planned to  make one in more Spring-y colors and would be happy to make two then. And I did. I also threw together a matching purse. She insisted on paying me, although I would have been happy to be reimbursed for just the fabric (of which I still have a ridiculous amount since I tend to overestimate the amount needed to clothe a 2-year-old!).

With any luck, I’ll get to hop on the machine tomorrow and finish up the latest dress for baby girl. I can’t wait to share the results!