The Paper-Pieced Home

One of the best things about this sewing/quilting world is getting to meet cool people like Penny Layman. I wasn’t familiar with Penny’s work when I met her, which was probably a good thing because I might have fangirled all over her!

Needless to say, I was incredibly excited to see that she had a book coming out and I could not wait to get my hands on it. (Note: I paid retail for this book.The Paper-Pieced Home, published in December 2014 by Interweave, is just as lovely and charming as Penny, perfectly capturing her style on every one of the 136 pages.

The book has 40 paper-pieced blocks in a variety of sizes and 10 projects that show off those blocks, things like his-and-hers shoe bags and a tablet cover. Block patterns are printed from a CD that’s included with the book, which I love. It’s so easy to not only print out exactly what I want but I can reduce or enlarge the patterns before printing. Plus the patterns are lightly tinted to make it easier to discern the differences between sections.

I don’t have much experience with paper piecing, so I actually sat down with the book and read it before I printed a thing. Crazy! But I really wanted things to turn out well. Penny does a great job of breaking down the steps involved and gives really helpful tips so your blocks turn out as well as the examples in the book.

So like anyone trying something for the first time, I chose the simplest block pattern in the book for my first attempt.

OK, not really.

Sewing Machine block from The Paper-Pieced Home by Penny Layman

Maybe starting with the Sewing Machine block was not the best idea. But Penny told me it was really easy in spite of all the pieces. So I crossed my fingers and jumped in. And it turned out super cute! I goofed on a couple of pieces, which I didn’t realize until the block was done, but I pulled out the seam ripper, removed the section, made another and put it all back together. It’s not perfect but it’s my first time and I’m pretty happy with it. Happy enough that I immediately made another block:

Book Block from The Paper-Pieced Home by Penny Layman

This one would have been an ideal first block to start with! I used the new Text Sunprint by Alison Glass for Andover, some Kona solids and a tiny bit of some Patty Young fabric I had on hand. I think this one is going to get incorporated into a tote bag for Miss L to use for library books.

I’ve already got my eye on a few more blocks to play with, including the most fabulous, funky shoe in the history of quilt blocks.


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  1. Ha ha! Your sewing machine block turned out so good Mary, I think it’s awesome you dove in head first! And the books will be perfect for a tote. I Need to get your address and get a pin or two mailed off to you since I won’t see you at QuiltCon:(

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