For the majority of my most recent book-writing adventure, I did little sewing that was not related to my book. So when that final manuscript deadline rolled around, I let a couple of friends talk me into signing up for some swaps.

Swaps are nothing new. I have actually taken part in a couple but it’s been years since I’ve done one. Still, I knew that my inclination would be to ignore my sewing machine for six months after going pedal to the metal for so long. A swap could be just what I needed to recharge my sewing mojo.

First up was a quick holiday hot pad swap organized by the delightful Mo Bedell. Small project with a Christmas theme? Heck to the yeah! Of course I’ve never made a hot pad and had not sewn binding on anything in months, so it was a little  more of an adventure than I expected. But I thought they turned out cute (yes, I made two):

Holiday Hot Pad swap pieces (binding in progress).

I have some weird addiction to buying cute Christmas fabric, so it was easy to “shop” my stash and pull together a few fabrics for the hot pads.

Next up was the Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap over on the Instagram. I’ve really only made one mini quilt before (and it went to a dear friend), so I was a bit nervous about this one. My swap partner provided lots of likes and clues in her questionnaire but her IG profile was private so I ended up stalking her quilt board on Pinterest to get an idea of her style. She’d written that she liked Lecien’s Flower Sugar and her Pinterest had some scrappy star quilts on it, so I took a leap and came up with this:

FullSizeRender (2)
Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap

The star is actually one of the blocks from our Block of the Month quilt. I changed up the setting so the star points would nest with each other, rather than keep the stars in evenly spaced rows. I really love how the setting creates this pretty pinwheel in the center! I was trying to use fabrics in my stash so the white squares are a mix of white-on-white fabrics I had on hand. It’s such a sweet little quilt and I plan to play with the design a bit to see if a larger quilt will work.

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  1. Just read this! I love my mini! I have made stuff for my girls out of my flower sugar and wished I would’ve made some for myself. I love it and am putting it on my mini wall in my sewing room today!

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