Gettin’ my block on

I never intended to make quilts. My mother was a quilter, meticulously piecing and quilting by hand. The idea of following in her footsteps never crossed my mind. Yet here I am, decades after swearing I’d never make a quilt, not only making them but designing them. And now I’m teaching others how to piece quilts. Crazy!

Sarah and I just finished the second session of our block-of-the-month at Intown Quilters. It is so incredibly fun to go and encourage people to make these blocks each month with one of my dearest friends! When she brought up the idea of us doing this back in November, my first reaction was “Me? Really?” But then we started bouncing quilt ideas off each other and were in love with many of the same things and, well, one thing led to another…


The Starfall quilt by Fresh Lemon Quilts was the starting point for our BOM. The designer graciously allowed us to use it for this purpose, which meant adding enough stars to it for the program to work as a block-of-the-month quilt.

Sarah and I took completely different approaches to the quilt when it came to choosing our fabrics. Both quilts were quilted by Regina Carter — I love how she chose quilting patterns that are so different yet work so well to play up the design of each quilt!

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