Tie One On

I don’t know about you but I think time has somehow accelerated. Surely it can’t already be February, can it? How did that happen?!

I’ve been pretty slack in the blogging department for the past year but I’m determined to make it work (in the immortal words of the fabulous Tim Gunn). What better way to kick off than with my little muse and the quick project she requested.


I picked up the ruffled button-down on clearance at the Land’s End store inside Sears. As soon as she saw it, she said it needed a bow tie and vest.

Yeah, there’s no denying that face.


My talented friend Jona has a great pattern for a men’s/boy’s bow tie; surely it would work for Miss L, I thought. Yes and yes! I’m really tempted to whip out a few more of these for my girlie and maybe the men in my life, too. But first there’s that vest…

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  1. Hello,

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