Tween Fashionistas

My first of two weeks of summer camp ended today. Five days with six ‘tweens in the classroom of a quilt shop. Maybe not how you’d choose to spend your summer but I thought it was a pretty great way to kick off the season.

The two sweet girls who took my first camp last year came back for another week of torture fun, along with four new students. Yes, six girls aged 11-13. They were pretty understanding about my classroom rules (no food at your sewing machine, no sandals or bare feet, clean up your work station every day and absolutely no J*stin Bi*ber or Mil*y Cyr*s music allowed), and only made fun of my musical choices once.

The rest of the time? They sewed. A lot.

Over the course of the week they made a quilted purse, a Little Prairie Girl/Prairie Girl top, Amy Butler Mini Dress, shirred pool cover up or skirt and screen printed and bleach printed T-shirts. They picked out all the fabrics they used and added a bunch of skills to their repertoire. A few of them even decided to embellish their minis and made coordinating belts — without any help from me.

Throughout the week, people would visit the classroom and comment on the girls’ work ethic (just amazing) as well as the quantity and quality of their work. Everyone was just so impressed with them and their projects — and I am, too! I had so much fun with them and seeing all their work today absolutely made me smile.

I love my job!

Class Update

I don’t know when I’ve been as excited about the classes I’m set to teach as I am right now. The next couple of months are going to be busy but so much fun!

  • I’m back for another round of summer camp with the Fashionista Sewing Camp for kids. We’ll sew wearable items, accessories and even delve into¬† screenprinting. (Yep, I’m dragging the Yudu to the shop for camp!) FSC is from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. June 7-11. Register.
  • Don’t you wish you could go to sewing summer camp? This year you can! I’m leading a week-long Sewing Camp for You. There’s a different project planned for each day. Come one day or all five — it’s up to you. June 21-25. Register.
  • We’re trying something different with the next session of Learn Your Machine/Sewing 101 and offering it during the week instead of on the weekend. The class meets twice from 10 a.m.-12:30 -p.m. April 27 & May 4. Register.
  • What happens when you combine a cool new book with a quilt-block-of-the-month class? The new One-Yard Wonders Sewing Club! Instead of sewing a quilt block every month, we’ll sew one project from One-Yard Wonders every month. Don’t just let your copy sit on the shelf unused! We’re meeting the fourth Saturday of the month at 10 a.m. starting May 22. The book is required to take part in the club and the class fee includes one yard of fabric each month for a year. Register.