One of the things I stress in the beginner level sewing classes I teach is machine maintenance. Namely, that regular use is needed to keep a machine in good working order, as well as annual “spa days.” It’s advice that I more or less follow myself. So I have this embroidery machine, a BabyLock Emore, which I affectionately refer to as “the paperweight.” I bought it 4.5 years ago for a steal because the model was on closeout and have… Read more »

Is anyone else addicted to Pinterest? I swear, I go back and forth between cursing and praising that site. On one hand, it’s such a time suck. On the other…well, I’ve definitely been inspired. Pinterest played a key part in Miss L’s seventh birthday party, which started with this blog post. I instantly fell in love and just knew my bunny would love to celebrate her 7th with a sewing party. I did a little appliqué and embroidery on linen… Read more »

Miss L headed back to school a week ago (first grade! OMG!) so it’s safe to say summer is over ’round these parts. I’m still in denial. Didn’t school just end? Summer has not passed this quickly since I was in school. Zippppp. Over. While I was taking a (completely unintentional) blog break, I did have what I thought were some pretty realistic plans for the summer months: 1. Take Miss L on a fabulous Disney World vacation. 2. Teach… Read more »

The ICE Atlanta Holiday Market was so much fun. I had awesome neighbors (Finkelstein’s Center and Microwave Girl/Preservation Society), saw some fave sewing pals (Hi, Colleen!) and met some cool folks, too. Also? I got to hang out with one of my favoritest friends, Sarah, who forced me to drive to Sublime Doughnuts, although she had nothing to do with my decision to buy a dozen donuts and then eat most of them during the course of the day on… Read more »

I have a love/hate relationship with the space I refer to as my “studio.” My dominance of the downstairs was kind of gradual, beginning when Honey kicked me out of asked me to relocate from the dining room (I think it had something to do with a sewing machine, serger and constant fabric piles taking over our dinner space). Over time, I’ve gone from having just a small desk with a sewing machine and serger, to completely taking over every… Read more »

Oh my gosh, I wrote a book. I wrote a book and people can buy it. Are buying it. And now sewing from it. I think reality is finally setting in. Until now, my book has pretty much only been seen by my family at Stash Books/C&T Publishing, my actual family, a few friends and about 70 people who received a copy at Market. But now it’s out there. For just anyone. Everyone. Oh. My. Gosh. There are times I’ve… Read more »

My book arrived yesterday. I knew it was coming and knew it would be here by 3 p.m. Wednesday, but I somehow was still not prepared when I picked up the envelope next to my front door. My book. I think most people would have just ripped into it right then and there. I’m not most people. Instead, I thought about opening the envelope and felt like crying. Crying. I’m such a freak. So I stuck the envelope in my… Read more »

Thirteen years ago today, Honey and I stood under a covered yard in the hot, Alabama August and said “I do” in front of our nearest and dearest. I swore to love (check), honor (mostly check) and obey (yeah, not so much) the man beside me. We are no longer those people, and for that I’m glad. We are stronger, more patient, more tolerant and more forgiving (really that one is just me). We’ve had amazing highs and frightening lows… Read more »