I’m so ridiculously excited to finally be able to share the cover of my next book! Fancy Felines: Boutique Style with “Cattitude” will be out in October 2015. I’m just tickled that C&T Publishing again worked with me (it’ll be out on their Stash imprint), especially on such a niche title. Cat lovers will embrace this book with its 58 clothing options tailored for their favorite companion. Everything has been graded and sized to fit a variety of feline figures,… Read more »

I bought my primary sewing machine — a Janome HT2008 — at a sewing expo in March 2008. I’d been sewing on an inexpensive, no-frills Brother machine I’d purchased at a big discount store. The extent of my research into the HT2008 was scanning the reviews on PatternReview.com (thumbs up) and a quick Google search to see if the expo price was much of a bargain (it was). Fast forward to 2015, where the research leading to the purchase of… Read more »

There are many things I love about working in a quilt shop. Talking to people about what they’re making is right up there near the top. It’s not unusual to hear people downplay their projects. “It’s just a quilt.” “It’s nothing special.” “I’m just a beginner.” One of our regulars was telling me recently that she makes quilts for the high school graduates she knows but that the ones she made weren’t anything special because she’s still new to quilting…. Read more »

An open letter to my family: I’d like to apologize for the meal I’ve prepared for tonight’s dinner. Out of the approximately 500 meals I cook and serve in any given year, it’s to be expected that a few will be not so awesome. Tonight is one of those meals. In my haste to prepare the meatloaf I’d planned for tonight, I neglected to add any seasonings whatsoever to the ground beef. I did remember to put it in the… Read more »

10. My husband has completely forgotten how unavailable I was while writing my previous book. 9. Daughter’s nine hours of gymnastics each week equals prime writing time. 8. I finally cleaned my sewing room. Why should it stay that way? 7. The rest of my house needs to be cleaned. 6. My 30th high school reunion is creeping up and I need something to talk about. 5. Sleep is overrated. 4. Nothing motivates me quite like a deadline. 3. So. Many…. Read more »

I’ve had to take a close look at my costume plans for this year’s Dragoncon and do some scaling back. I’ve got a massive deadline that basically coincides with the convention (yay!) but it means the majority of my non-work time this summer will be spent working instead on that project. On the upside, it’s forcing me to not procrastinate when it comes to the two costumes I decided to make. I’m already in the thick of it with the most… Read more »

It’s 7:40 p.m. on a Monday and I’m alone in my house except for the animals. This morning, my father took us out to brunch and then drove off with my tiny sunshine. Spring break is this week and my folks invited her to visit them in South Carolina since they missed out on hosting her last summer. I am accustomed to being home alone during the day, while she is at school. But from the time my “Miss L… Read more »

Each week I receive an email from Ali Edwards as part of the 52 Creative Lifts subscription. Yesterday’s email hit my inbox and it was like one of those Oprah “Ah ha!” moments: {It’s a fabulous email and I highly recommend reading it. You can forward a copy of it to your email here.} I’ve struggled the past year with comparing myself to others. OK, this post is titled “Confessions” so it’s more accurate to say that I’ve struggled with… Read more »