One of the best things about this sewing/quilting world is getting to meet cool people like Penny Layman. I wasn’t familiar with Penny’s work when I met her, which was probably a good thing because I might have fangirled all over her! Needless to say, I was incredibly excited to see that she had a book coming out and I could not wait to get my hands on it. (Note: I paid retail for this book.) The Paper-Pieced Home, published in… Read more »

I’m not quite sure what happened to this year. Didn’t 2014 just get started? How is it possible that we’re already 10 days into November? At least I’ve already got a head start on my holiday sewing. Last year I picked up a copy of Simply Modern Christmas by Cindy Lammon. The projects were just lovely and I could see myself making so many of them — and not limiting myself to holiday fabrics. Of course, I couldn’t resist making… Read more »

I never intended to make quilts. My mother was a quilter, meticulously piecing and quilting by hand. The idea of following in her footsteps never crossed my mind. Yet here I am, decades after swearing I’d never make a quilt, not only making them but designing them. And now I’m teaching others how to piece quilts. Crazy! Sarah and I just finished the second session of our block-of-the-month at Intown Quilters. It is so incredibly fun to go and encourage people… Read more »

A couple of months ago, Sarah and I were trying to figure out the whole Block of the Month thing for the shop for 2014. Our regular BOM teacher is taking a break this year, so we decided that the two of us will lead a Block of the Month. Or possibly she suggested that we do it and I dove in, feet first, and dragged her along with me before she changed her mind. (If you’ve met me, you… Read more »

The past few weeks have been utterly CRAZY! I love my job and I love it even more when we are preparing for an event. This time of year is all about Shop Hop. The Greater Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop takes place in March each year and Intown Quilters (where I teach and work) is one of the participating shops. Shop Hop is an organized event with a group of quilt shops. People visit each shop during the event, taking… Read more »

I am not a test-the-waters kind of gal. I’m more of a jump-in-with-both-feet person, which probably explains all the half-finished projects in my life. And craft supplies. And this year’s completely overboard Christmas redecorating. But I digress. I had heard of Don’t Look Now! patterns but it wasn’t until I saw them at Market in person that I really “got” it. They were so cool and so different from what I’d seen before. Over time, I started thinking, “Hey, I… Read more »

Earlier this fall, I jumped at the chance to join the Twitter #ssswap (Secret Santa Swap) organized by the lovely @sukie80 (be sure to check out her fab blog, too). I was excited but a little nervous because I knew several of the folks involved and, well, it’s a little intimidating to think about sewing stuff for some of these folks since they might rethink our friendship upon closer inspection of my handiwork. And then I got the email with… Read more »

I’ve sort of set a personal goal this year of completing one quilt top a month (on average). So far, I’m actually on track to make that happen. Putting together a couple of lap quilts to give as end-of-the-year gifts certainly helped. I don’t usually go this big for teacher gifts but this was Miss L’s first year in elementary school and we just love her teacher and parapro. L told me her their favorite colors are pink and purple,… Read more »