My love for Lizzy House knows no bounds. In addition to being an amazingly talented artist, she’s also just an incredible human being. Smart, kind, warm. The kind of person to whom you’re just instinctively drawn. Seeing her at Quilt Market in Minneapolis this past May was a complete surprise and filled me with such joy. It was wonderful to hug on her and catch up — including chats about her newest fabric. Lizzy and I have chatted about knit… Read more »

I bought my primary sewing machine — a Janome HT2008 — at a sewing expo in March 2008. I’d been sewing on an inexpensive, no-frills Brother machine I’d purchased at a big discount store. The extent of my research into the HT2008 was scanning the reviews on (thumbs up) and a quick Google search to see if the expo price was much of a bargain (it was). Fast forward to 2015, where the research leading to the purchase of… Read more »

The ICE Atlanta Holiday Market was so much fun. I had awesome neighbors (Finkelstein’s Center and Microwave Girl/Preservation Society), saw some fave sewing pals (Hi, Colleen!) and met some cool folks, too. Also? I got to hang out with one of my favoritest friends, Sarah, who forced me to drive to Sublime Doughnuts, although she had nothing to do with my decision to buy a dozen donuts and then eat most of them during the course of the day on… Read more »

I’m so excited about the annual ICE Holiday Market this weekend not only because it’s a great chance to buy handmade gifts but because I’m going to be a vendor! Yes, my first craft show ever. I’m teaming up with Intown Quilters to bring copies of Little Girls, Big Style, kits so you can make projects from the book and some ready-to-wear items I’ve made. I’ve been sewing away, whipping up some cute skirts (and maybe a few more things!)… Read more »

I love so much about Quilt Market but one of my favorite things is checking out all the pretties. Fabric, patterns, notions, tools — you name it, I want to get a closer look. I do have to apologize ahead of time because, once again, I managed to get pitifully few photos on the floor. Kind of makes you wonder why I drag around my big camera for four days if I don’t actually use it. *sigh* I’d heard lots… Read more »

I’ve been trying to sew more for myself. It seems like such a shame to not truly reap the benefits of my favorite hobby (sewing), although I often find it a frustrating practice. Tracing patterns, checking measurements, making muslins. It’s infinitely easier to just crank out something for Miss L! I run into the same problems sewing for myself that I do when I shop for ready-to-wear clothing: Poor fit. Pants fit in the hips but not the waist. Shirts… Read more »

It’s time again for the annual Greater Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop! The local quilt shops have organized some great events and giveaways for the four-day Shop Hop weekend (it started Thursday) and longer shopping hours for all you fabriholics. (You know, because I’m not one. Ha!) This year’s theme is As American As … and there are 11 shops taking part in the event. You can see all the details at the official Shop Hop web site. I’ll be helping… Read more »

I intended to blog from Houston but technical difficulties prevented that. So I guess I’ll just try to muddle through and remember all the details from three jam-packed days of fabric, patterns and friends. I’ve tried to do a chronological Market round-up the past two visits but I think I’m going to try a thematic approach this time. First up: Patterns! Because I sew clothing, I’m always on the lookout for cool, new patterns to try and there were plenty… Read more »