QuiltCon is here, which means the QuiltCon Scavenger Hunt has begun! Follow me on Instagram (thatcraftaddict). Then find at least 15 of the 20 Instagram photos on the list below for your entry to be complete. Happy hunting! The Scavenger Hunt form is now closed. Thanks for playing!

I have intended to start a regular feature like this for some time but just haven’t gotten myself going on it. Times, they are a changing! I designed this beach bag for Westminster Fibers last year to showcase the Beach line of fabric by David Walker. It’s a nice, roomy tote with a flat bottom, exterior pocket and interfaced with Soft n Stable so it doesn’t droop. I’ve made a couple for gifts; they’re really easy to sew and can… Read more »

DragonCon 2013 was a blast, as expected. Labor Day is usually a time most folks are trying to sneak in a trip to the beach but the geeks in my house all head into downtown Atlanta to spend a few days among our people. I was an Attending Professional this year and spent a few hours on panels for the Costuming Track, which was just a joy. I love talking about sewing and getting the chance to do so with… Read more »

Today was the first day of Little Stitchers summer camp at Intown Quilters and I couldn’t be happier. This is the first time I’ve offered a camp for kids younger than 11. All my other camps (and the camps done by another teacher) are aimed at older kids. Inevitably, we get calls about things younger kids can do and have to turn them away. After the fun we had with Miss L’s birthday party, I started brainstorming a camp for… Read more »

I think I probably sew more bags than just about anything else in my repertoire. There’s just something gratifying about making something I can immediately use — and I literally wear out the bags I sew, which means there’s always room for another in my closet. This bag combined two things I fell in love with on sight: Melody Miller’s Ruby Star Rising fabric and the Daisy Girl Backpack by Fig Tree & Co. Honestly, the most difficult part of… Read more »

When I was in Houston last week, the delightful Jessica Levitt razzed me about not finishing up my DragonCon costume posts. Sigh. She’s right; I’ve been really slack in the blogging department for a while now. But I’m reforming my lazy ways and catching up with something that happened on Labor Day seems like as good a place as any to start. This costume sort of came together at the last minute, in that I had a vague idea that… Read more »

Is anyone else addicted to Pinterest? I swear, I go back and forth between cursing and praising that site. On one hand, it’s such a time suck. On the other…well, I’ve definitely been inspired. Pinterest played a key part in Miss L’s seventh birthday party, which started with this blog post. I instantly fell in love and just knew my bunny would love to celebrate her 7th with a sewing party. I did a little appliqué and embroidery on linen… Read more »

Earlier this week, I made a phone call I never thought I’d make: I called Hellmann’s Mayonnaise to ask if my sister-in-law’s song was used in their newest commercial. First, a little backstory. My love for my sister-in-law Jenn Cristy and her music is no secret. I’ve blogged before about her music and her work (and my work to help her music). And my husband (her brother) and I are just about the biggest fans we can be from three… Read more »