I was a sewing fiend this weekend. I managed to sew a purse and three outfits for DD. Not too shabby! First off, the purse. I used Heather Ross fabric, Lightning Bugs and Other Mysteries, I think it’s called. I love the fabric and I’m pretty happy with how the purse turned out. It’s the biggest purse I’ve made — I usually do toddler-sized versions — and it took a little more math than anticipated. The button closure was a… Read more »

Right after I downloaded the pics of my latest sewing to my computer, the logic board failed. Again. That’s three times in 18 months and twice in the past six months — and the computer’s only two years old, IIRC. I’m now the proud owner of a brand new MacBook, although I’m less excited about owning a new computer than I’ve ever been before since the circumstances are different. Now that I have my cable, I’ll attempt to move over… Read more »

A productive weekend at the sewing machine, for sure! Two finished outfits (OK, mostly finished) and I’m happy with both. I’m so pleased with how this turned out. When I bought the cherries fabric, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it (bad, I know). I ended up just doing a simple, three-tiered twirl skirt. The peasant top is from the latest Ottobre; I added a seam allowance plus a lot of length because I made the… Read more »

I’ve spent as much time as possible sewing this weekend and have two outfits to show for it! I’m quite pleased with how they turned out. I’m still appliquing flowers onto the pants of the second outfit but that will be finished in a day or two (I have stories to write and only so many hours in the day. Check back tomorrow for pics! I’m hoping to have a cooperative model in the morning.

I was reading Anna Maria Horner‘s blog the other day, drooling over her upcoming Chocolate Lollipop line. Anyway, it somehow led to me looking for fabric sources and I ended up at the web site of a local quilting store. I’ve known about this place for years. I used to drive past its previous location twice a day — on my way to and from work — and last year I cursed it for buying the building of the best… Read more »

It has been a crazy week at work for me because we’re on deadline and had two magazines going out the door. On top of that, there was a rising-freshman parents meeting at the high school and I had a Junior League meeting last night. All together, it means I’ve had very little crafting time this week. I guess that’s why I was extra excited to get home from work this afternoon and find the big brown Amazon.com box. Inside… Read more »

I was reading Melissa’s Buzz Off yesterday and found these gorgeous alphabet blocks. I’m such a font junkie that it really took a lot to not order them, even at $100 for the set. I love the color and the concept but mostly I love the letter forms. Just look at them: the taper of each spiral and curve, the graceful shape of each straight line — not too light or too heavy. My love affair with type goes back… Read more »

Happy Valentine’s Day! This year’s card was created with a free kit from The Shabby Princess. Isn’t it adorable? I love the papers; they have a great vintage feel. I used another digiscrapping product I bought in her store for the treat bags the kids gave out to their friends (and I have to admit that I made some for my coworkers, too). I love Valentine’s Day. So many fun, cute crafts and all that pink and red!